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Welcome to C&D Inc. Cloud Experience Space
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C&D Inc.
Cloud Experience Space 2023


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C&D Inc.
Cloud Experience Space 2023

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C&D Automotive - Intelligent Auto Operation System

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E-Pulp Information Service

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C&D Onescf - Supply Chain Financial Service Platform

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C&D Inc.'s Digital Innovation Achievements in Supply Chain Logistics

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C&D Inc.

Cloud Experience Space 2023
  1. The platform pioneers the integration of online trading processes such as searching for goods checking inventory, inquiring about prices, placing orders, signing contracts, and reconciling payments into a unified cloud-based trading model This enables the visualization of trading data, digitization of contracts
    and intelligent risk control in the pulp and paper industry
    Upstream and downstream customers can share the Pulp & Paper Cloud ERP system a smart management system tailored specifically to the pulp and paper industry, to meet the customers' need for finely managed transactions throughout the entire process Settlement and reconciliation become convenient, secure,
    and fast, achieving a seamless digital trading cycle

  2. Building on the integration of market industry information the platform collaborates with upstream and downstream industry partners to provide a first-hand information release platform It creates an original and comprehensive information window for the pulp and paper industry reducing barriers to accessing market information and establishing a comprehensive, authentic, and authoritative pulp and paper information service Through multimedia matrices consisting of text, images, audio, video
    and live broadcasts the platform enhances the reach of information
    Programs such as "E-Pulp Headline" and "Fish TV," as well as the live program "E-Pulp Trio"
    share industry hot topics and explore market trends

  3. Integrating the high-quality transportation resources of C&D and its partners, leveraging digital management and establishing a global logistics network the platform builds an intelligent logistics system that combines ocean, coastal
    and inland transportation, and integrates sea, river, road, and rail transport
    It helps downstream customers connect with upstream suppliers and streamline logistics information flow
    achieving end-to-end tracking of business and data, as well as high-speed collaboration
    The global logistics data is updated in real-time, and cargo information is visualized throughout the entire process With the nationwide intelligent logistics system, it ensures uninterrupted domestic transportation and supply, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Digitalized warehouse management enables nearby and rapid product allocation
    ensuring stable supply and reducing delivery time and logistics costs for businesses

  4. The platform provides users with digital products such as "Pulp & Paper Cloud Warehouse" SaaS and shares C&D's warehouse resources,It digitally integrates and allocates self-owned and third-party warehouse resources located at ports production areas, sales areas, and logistics hubs nationwide. It offers one-stop, multi-variety end-to-end management of procurement, storage, and distribution processes in the pulp and paper industry The platform also provides pulp and paper cutting and processing services
    By establishing factory warehouses, standardized futures contracts can be created
    enabling market trading and physical delivery of pulp futures
    This facilitates the payment settlement between buyers and sellers

  5. Leveraging big data to efficiently integrate and process massive historical transaction data and
    combining it with customer market sentiment
    the platform collaborates with top internet financial institutions to
    jointly build a digital credit system for the pulp and paper market
    Based on the big data of pulp and paper transactions, it establishes a customer growth system
    covering the entire process and multiple channels of customer trading scenarios
    The platform creates purely online intelligent financing solutions offering various online supply chain financial services such as electronic order financing, electronic warehouse receipt financing and financing leases. It bridges the gap between upstream and downstream customers and financial institutions providing a one-click financing solution to address the difficulties and high costs of downstream financing

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Private Traffic Digital Operation Solution

"Insight" Intelligent Decision-Making Platform

"E-Auto" Digital Auto City

Go to 「E-Pulp」 for industry Information
「E-Pulp」Multimedia Featured Programs
Watch「Pulp Talk Show」
Watch「Pulp Times」
Listen to「P&P Broadcast」
  • Pulp Talk Show
  • Pulp Times
  • P&P Broadcast
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  1. C&D Pulp & Paper Industry Internet platform, "E-Pulp", creates the pulp and|paper industry information service integrating market and industry information|and providing a first-hand information release platform in conjunction with upstream pulp factories

  2. It creates a unique comprehensive information channel window for the pulp industry, aggregating industry flash news|headlines, meetings and other mainstream industry information

  3. On this basis, it launches a creative multimedia information program matrix: popular audio and video program|「Fish TV」 ,「E-Pulp Headline」 , as well as an exclusive live program 「E-Pulp Trio」|achieving multi-dimensional presentation of graphics, audio, video, and live broadcast

  4. Traditional pulp trade belongs to the B2B industry, involving multiple links in the global upstream and downstream supply chain|It is characterized by pulp commodity market quotations, opaque inventory, long inquiry cycles, and price fluctuations

  5. E-Pulp releases real-time information about C&D Pulp & Paper's commodities and international pulp mills' quotes|and inventory for China, and provides customized intelligent analysis services

  6. Users can easily learn about first-hand quotes and price trends of various types of pulp commodities|and can place orders with one click according to actual needs, securing business success

  7. Users can log in to 「E-Pulp」 to view the latest quotations and inventory through the quotation column|in the information section or the foreign merchant quotations and commodity recommendations on the homepage

  8. They can also click to enter individual categories to learn about price trends|and related data analysis, facilitating business decision-making

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